Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Proffecy Fundraising where you can raise money for just about anything! 

We hope the following helps answer any questions you may have.  

It Seems Too Good To Be True – How Does It Work?

We work with a number of advertisers who all have one thing in common - they want more (new) customers. And for this they are willing to pay us good money to help find them.


It’s this money that we can share with you on a revenue share model. We get your Offers Page set up for you and provide you with everything you need. All you need to do is share your Offers Page with your fans, members, family, staff, volunteers, supporters etc. And when someone takes up an offer, you raise money - you can see next to your offers how much you get for each offer taken up.

Our programme is underpinned by what is called 'affiliate marketing.' Don't worry if you've never heard of this term - you don't need to know - we do all the work. If you've ever used a price comparison site like Moneysupermarket, Trivago and, then you've been exposed to affiliate marketing. That's how these sites make their money, by introducing new customers to their advertisers, and in return getting paid for it.

Now it's your turn to benefit!


Does It Cost Anything To Join?

Our fundraising Programme is absolutely free to join – there are no set up costs or ongoing fees.


How Much Can We Raise?

You can raise as much as you want. There are no limits.

How Do We Get The Money We've raised

At the end of the month, the advertisers confirm to us what your final confirmed leads are. They will exclude any leads that are duplicates or have invalid phone numbers or the advertiser couldn’t get hold of them. All the leads get confirmed to us by around the 15th of the following month. We then send you a statement, if needed you send us an invoice and we do a bank transfer. So you get paid around the middle of the month by bank transfer or paypal.


If We Join Proffecy Fundraising, What Do We Get?

When you join we provide you with:

  •  A branded web page with your logo which features all the offers we have – we maintain and update this page on a regular basis so all you have to do is share it with fans, family, friends, co-workers, friends and on social media.
  • You can also see more examples of clubs and fundraisers on our programme HERE
  • Access to a reporting tool so you can see how many offers have been taken up and how much money this is earning for you.
  • Ongoing advice and help on best ways to promote the offers
  • Monthly pay-outs

What Type Of Offers Do You Have?

There are typically Three Types of offers that we put onto your Offers Page:


1)     Free to Enquire.

These offers are where the advertiser is looking for someone who is interested in their product/service and will pay for someone to fill out a form to express interest. Examples of these types of offers include Insurance enquiries, newsletter signups.


2)     Purchase Offers

These offers are where the advertiser is offering a discount or incentive to encourage an initial purchase. They hope that having bought once, you’ll be more likely to buy from them again. These types of advertisers usually pay more for these as well.


3)     Cash Back Offers

These are offers where you get a % of whatever the purchase value is. The % can vary from 1% to 10% depending on the advertiser.



Type of Offers



Free to Enquire

Doesn’t cost anything to enquire

If you fill out a form expect to be contacted by the advertiser – after all they are paying good money for an enquiry and are looking to turn as many enquiries into actual customers.


If you fill out a form with incorrect information, or fail to let the advertiser contact you, the advertiser may declare the enquiry as invalid and you won’t receive any money for it. Too many of these and the advertiser may pause the campaign.

Purchase Offers

These are where you have to spend something to qualify for the payout e.g. signing up to a gambling offer.




You only have to spend a relatively small amount of money to take up the offer and the payout can be quite large.

Usually the offer is only available to first time purchasers.

Cash Back Offers

These are where you buy something and then get a % back of the purchase price.

The good thing about these offers is that you can do them more than one.

Getting Started - Once You Join, What Happens Next?

We’ll get you set up with your branded Offers Page and access to reporting tool (as outlined above) in less than a day.


We would encourage you to start off with a few offers yourself – so you can see how the process works (and also get some money in the kitty!).  To help you along, we’ll even send you a list of suggested offers you should do immediately.


The money can quickly add up just by a few people taking up the offers.


If you want to sign up and start raising money today , click HERE to get started.