Stag and Hen Groups

If you're earning money to go towards your Stag or Hen trip, then here's a few tips to help you earn as much as possible.

Tip 1

if you're the organiser, we'll send you a list of deals we recommend you do straightaway - this has two main benefits:

a) You get some money in your kitty straight away

b) You get to see how to do the deals, and if anyone asks you'll be able to tell them how easy it is!

Tip 2

Now that you've had a go yourself, you should share your Deals Page with everyone else who is going on your Stag/Hen event. You can email them the web address, or you can share it on Facebook and Twitter if that is easier.

You can also share your Deals Page with other friends and family - anyone can do an offer for you, and it all adds to your kitty!

When you send the web address or share it on Facebook and Twitter we suggest you say something like 'Its very easy to raise some money for our event - just take up a deal or two'!

Tip 3

You can also show people our very short video which shows you how easy it is to earn money - CLICK HERE to watch it.

Some people earn money to treat the Stag/Hen to the trip, some earn money to add to their beer fund and some earn as much as possible to pay for the whole trip!

Have fun!