Hints and Tip


  • If you have a club house then try and display your Offers Page on a screen or even print out a copy to show to visitors. The more people that see it the more chance you have of someone taking up an offer.
  • Do you send out newsletters? Whether it's email or printed mail, don't forget to let people know about your Offers Page. If you need some help with your email newsletter, do get in touch with us - we can definitely help!
  • Add your Offers Page to a leaflet and give out to fans at the turnstiles or when you collect for a raffle.
  • Add your Offers Page to your own website. A number of clubs and organizations have done this already - for examples check out the home pages of Trafford FC, and Whitby Town FC
  • Encourage players, staff and fans to sign up for offers when travelling on an Away Match Bus - everyone has a mobile phone, and it gives them something to do during the journey.
  • If you are able to, share your Offers Page on your facebook page and twitter account is a good idea as it is often the first place people go to to find information about what's happening.
  • Your Offers Page has easy-to-use share buttons for facebook and twitter to make it even easier to share with friends and family.
  • Ask your volunteers, staff, committee members and players to do at least one offer a month.
  • If you have existing advertisers or sponsors, then why not share your Offers Page with them (just send them a link to your Offers Page or if it's on your website, let them know where it is), and ask them to encourage staff and customers to do an offer or two. It's surprising how this can quickly add up.